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Custom Services

(Click to Enlarge) Custom services include Primary Cell Isolation, Stem Cell Generation & Differentiation, Human iPSC, Media Preparation, 3D Bioprinting & Tissue Engineering, Cell Assays and RNA Purification.  Contact Us to describe your project and receive a quote.  Contact us to start your project.
Contact Us to describe your project and receive a quote.  Custom services include Primary Cell Isolation, Media Preparation, 3D Bioprinting & Tissue Engineering, Cell Assays and RNA Purification.
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Primary Cells: We isolate, expand, freeze, document & test cells isolated from virtually any tissue or animal species, including normal & diseased cells, unique donor profiles or different cells from the same donor.  Characterization tests and bioassays confirm cell identity and physiology. Cells are free of contamination by bacteria, viruses and mycoplasma, and are accompanied by lot information and detailed culture instructions.
Human iPSC: Custom Generation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (HiPSC) allows “More time for research.  Less time preparing cells."  Services include fast, efficient, cost-effective production, expansion and differentiation.  Multiple cells, donors and mutations can be handled quickly, in parallel at unprecedented scale.
Media: Components & supplements are carefully formulated to the unique requirements of the specific cell type.  This optimization enhances cell health, viability, population doublings, physiology, behavior, sub-culture, data integrity and reproducibility.  Serum- & Xeno-free & other versions available.  Confirmed free of bacterial, yeast and fungal contamination.
BioprintingAdvanced tissue-engineering services are available using a new three-dimensional bioprinting approach called the "Kenzan Method."  Utilizing Cyfuse Biomedical's Regenova 3D Bio Printer, a robotic system that fabricates three-dimensional tissue from primary cells, Cell Applications has created a powerful bio-printing model that make scaffold-free, primary cell-based tissue available.
Assays: Using standard or custom-isolated primary cells, Cell Applications will test the effects of cell treatment: Function, viability, proliferation, cytotoxicity, apoptosis, screening, immunoassay, histochemistry, transcription, adhesion, migration, chemotaxis, angiogenesis, outgrowth, tube Formation, wound healing and others.  Comprehensive experimental and data analysis plan provided with quote.
RNA: Ready-to-use, high quality total RNA and/or Poly A+ RNA is isolated and prepared from a wide range of human and animal primary cells or tissues.  Quality control tests confirm RNA integrity, stability and lack of genomic DNA contamination.  Primers are designed to detect mRNA for genes of interest to confirm the phenotype of source cell or tissue.