The lung's bronchial, tracheal, and small airway tree is lined with a continuous layer of epithelial cells that act as a frontline defense against respiratory pathogens. In addition to barrier protection and immune response, this epithelial interface between environment and organism functions in fluid balance, particulate clearance, mucus and surfactant production, and injury repair.

Cell Applications, Inc. cells are:

    • High purity and low passage
    • Detailed characterization and QC
    • All-in-one Total Cell Kits
    • Multiple donors available


    • Convenient and complete growth media in one bottle
    • Specially optimized for each cell type
    • Manufactured using GMP for performance and consistency

3D Model:

    • Multilayered epithelium on inserts for liquid/air interface   Learn more 


NEW! Human iPSC-derived Alveolar Epithelial Cells: i-AEC2 / i-HAEpC