CAI Introduces Human Trabecular Meshwork Cells
SAN DIEGO, Sep 27, 2016 -- Today Cell Applications, Inc. announces the addition of Human Trabecular Meshwork Cells to their Primary Eye Cells offering.  Located near the base of the cornea, HTMC regulate eye pressure by controlling drainage of fluid from the eye and into tubes that ultimately flow to the bloodstream.  Research using the cells aims to identify treatments that relax HTMC contraction to increase fluid outflow and lower eye pressure.  Specific targeting of HTMC could also play a clinical role for therapeutic efficacy of nanoparticles using non-viral gene delivery.  
"Damage, dysfunction and aging of the trabecular meshwork have clinical significance," says Dr. Daniel Schroen, a Vice President at Cell Applications, Inc.  "Perhaps the most well-known example is Glaucoma, which causes irreversible blindness." In this disease, the trabecular meshwork becomes rigid, decreasing fluid outflow and causing an elevation on intraocular pressure.  "Together with Corneal Epithelial Cells, the addition of HTMC strengthens the tools scientists utilize to address eye disorders, infections, diseases and malignancies," says Schroen. The image shows HTMC under phase-contrast (Left), treatment with dexamethasone to induce actin network rearrangement (arrowheads in B), upregulation of fibronectin (D) and α-smooth muscle actin (F) expression compared to untreated control (A, C, E).
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