MSDS 134-500
MSDS 135-500
MSDS 135FH-500
MSDS 135FPb-500
MSDS 135K-500


Specialized media, with ingredients and supplements optimized for the unique requirements of Skin Cells, providing optimal culture conditions, cell health, data integrity and reproducibility.
Human Melanocyte Media, for in vitro culture of pigment producing skin cells.


CAI media are tested for sterility in order to confirm no bacteria, yeast or fungi contaminate the solutions.  The products undergo further quality control for correct pH, osmolality and lack of endotoxins. A panel of different bioassays affirm the media sustain a proper environment for expected cell-type-specific culture, growth, plating, karyotype, physiology, morphology, viability, population doublings, surface markers, cryopreservation, differentiation and/or induction.
Laboratory research use only (RUO). Not for human, clinical, diagnostic or veterinary use.


Product Size CAT.# Price Quantity
HEM Growth Medium: All-in-one ready-to-use Size: 500 ml CAT.#: 135-500 Price: $104.00
HEM Growth Medium Kit: Basal medium & growth supplement sold together packaged separately Size: Yields 500 ml CAT.#: 135K-500 Price: $113.00
HEM Basal Medium: Basal medium (contains no growth supplement).  Add GS before use. Size: 500 ml CAT.#: 134-500 Price: $57.00
HEM Growth Supplement: Added to Basal Medium to create Growth Medium Size: 5 ml (3 parts) CAT.#: 135-GS Price: $57.00
HEM Growth Medium wo FBS or Hydrocortisone: Growth medium without FBS and hydrocortisone Size: 500 ml CAT.#: 135FH-500 Price: $113.00
HEM Growth Medium wo FBS PMA or bEGF: Growth medium without FBS, PMA and bEGF Size: 500 ml CAT.#: 135FPb-500 Price: $113.00

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Product Size CAT.# Price Quantity
Freezing Medium for HEM: Freezing Medium optimized for the unique needs of Human Epidermal Melanocytes (HEM). Size: 50 ml CAT.#: 040-50HEM Price: $65.00
Subculture Reagent Kit: 100 ml each of HBSS, Trypsin/EDTA & Trypsin Neutralizing Solution Size: 1 Kit CAT.#: 090K Price: $55.00

Extended Family Products

Product Size CAT.# Price Quantity
Cyto-X Cell Counting Reagent: 500 tests Size: 1 Bottle CAT.#: 028-01 Price: $139.00
Cyto-X Cell Counting Reagent Sample: 100 tests Size: Sample CAT.#: 028-S Price: $36.00



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